The Point Of View Reflection Essay

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Point of View Reflection

This project took me about ten hours all together to complete. I spent a lot of time researching different creative activities that I could implement into my lesson plan to keep my students engaged. My goal was to find activities that would teach the students as well as getting them to interact with the activities. A lot of my time was dedicated to following the format and filling in the additional information the MoPTA required. I believe this lesson plan has some very good strengths. One of the strengths is that it is very creative and has the students using creative thinking during all of the activities. I implemented role playing and watching Toy Story in which students could relate more too and have fun with. Using these fun activities keeps the students entertained and wanting to learn more. Another strength is that there are many different ways to approach this lesson. There are multiple ways and activities that can be used to teach point of view so if students are not grasping the concept through one of my activities, there are many options open to me to use. Another strength is that is follows and supports the standard of the lesson which is, ELA.4.R.2.A.e: Compare and contrast the point of view from which stories are narrated, explain whether the narrator or speaker of a story is first or third-person. These students are also learning second point of view which is mentioned in the Flocabulary POV rap. A weakness of this lesson plan is…

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