The Poetry Center At 1508 E Helen Street Essay

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For a class session in English 101, the students visited the Poetry Center located at 1508 E Helen Street. Once everyone had arrived, we had the pleasure to be shown around by the Library Specialist, Sarah Kortemeier. Kortemeier spoke to us about the significance of the Poetry Center’s floor layout and architectural significance for the flow of individual’s visits to the building. Kortemeier also mentioned the various works of art that are located in the poetry center from various artists, even Professor Hoggatt-Abader’s published work. Kortemeier mentioned that the Poetry Center even had their online selection. Also, the students had the chance to explore the shelves to find titles and lines of poetry for an exercise before the end of class.
Firstly, the students discussed the various types of art located in the Poetry Center. Not only were there the published books full of poems, but there were framed works of art on the walls, and even a mural of Edgar Allen Poe to commemorate his contribution to poetry. Kortemeier also mentioned that the Poetry Center has an online program called Voca where you can find various poems read online by authors. Most of the work on Voca is known as Slam poetry. I learned that slam poetry is competition poetry where people read their poetry without the use of objects or music.
Further explored, Kortemeier had mentioned the layout of the poetry building so that it allowed for the flow of individuals from large groups to personal space. The…

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