The Poetics Of Sex By Jeanette Winterson Essay examples

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Jeanette Winterson’s The Poetics of Sex stands as a prevalent piece of writing that sheds light on the truth and relevance of LGBTQ+ social justice and awareness. The text addresses a series of frequently asked questions that a member of the lesbian community could find both redundant and slightly offensive. Through symbolic writing, Winterson paints a picture of two lovers not bound by society’s conceptions or structures. Using the pseudonyms for herself and her lover Winterson depicts them as the artist Picasso and the lyric poet Sappho, both artists of their craft. As the work progresses, she is able to unravel common misconceptions and shed a new light on the lack of difference between lesbian and heterosexual couples. Throughout the work Winterson addresses the ideas of sex as being beautiful, the misconceptions of being ‘born’ lesbian, and addresses homosexuality through its perceptions in society. In her thought-provoking piece, Winterson attempts to rescue words from their conventional meanings. The piece begins with the heading “Why Do You Sleep with Girls” and serves to begin the long explanation of the true identity of lesbian women (Winterson, 412). Winterson commences the section with a sensualised description of her love Picasso. The symbolic language does not ease the reader in, but presents the passionate love between the two women at face value, “We neat clean branching girls get thick with sex,” (Winterson, 412). Winterson does not feel the need to hide…

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