The Poems Of War By Wilfred Owen Essay

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Poetry is an amazing way to express emotions, ideals, and serious subject matters. Poetry can be used in many different ways such as sonnets, setets or quatrains. Some authors have a certain way how they capture their audiences’ attention. Authors use techniques such as imagery, flow, and a certain sound to really capture the tone of the poem. Two authors wrote two completely different poems about war. The poems are very similar, yet very different in many ways. The first poem is called “Sonnet”, by George Henry. The second poem is called “Dulce et Decorum Est”, by Wilfred Owen. Both Authors talk about many struggles of war. While George Henry Boker focuses more on the sacrifices of war, Wilfred Owen focuses on the hardships of war.
The first poem is “Sonnet” by George Henry Boker. The poem is mainly about a comrade leaving for war. The main theme of the poem is sacrifices of war. The sacrifices that are made include leaving his wife children, wealth, friends, and many more. The comrade in the poem has to make many sacrifices that he is not happy about, but it is the right thing to do. The comrade goes into great detail about emotions he felt. The poem uses many examples and descriptions to ask the comrade about his experiences with the war. George Henry uses many poetic devices to take poem to the next level. Next, the structure of the poem is a huge aspect of a great poem. The structure of the poem is no surprise from its name that it is a sonnet. It a Petrarchan sonnet…

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