The Poem That I Will Be Interpreting Is Called Otherwise `` By Jane Kenyon

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The poem that I will be interpreting is called ‘Otherwise’ by Jane Kenyon. This poem may be short, but it has a lot of underlying meaning and a world of thought hidden beneath the printed words on the page. This poem by Jane Kenyon is written about the idea of the possibility that things could have been different in not only her life, but others lives as well. The title of the poem itself foreshadows to this idea; it also makes the audience think and reflect upon their own lives in order to appreciate the little and big things they have now because the circumstances could always be different. Jane Kenyon begins the poem with the scene of her getting out of bed on two strong legs. This is already important because the author was diagnosed with cancer so being strong and sturdy is significant to her. Also, the fact that she has two legs shows that she 's already trying to get the readers to see she 's already thankful for these two little things that we often don’t think about on a daily basis when we get out of bed and begin our day. She is using the poetic device called diction in this line because she picked out these significant words that relay to the reader her idea about starting her morning off strong and capable of taking on the day. These thoughts that she slips into the readers mind from the very beginning is a major part of what makes this poem so intriguing; from the start she is saying that she is healthy and strong and has her legs to take her places. Next she…

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