The Poem I Too By Langston Hughes Essay

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In the poem I too by Langston Hughes you have the author who is talking about the other side of America that we do not know about and how they treat the “Darker Culture”. With that being said he talks about how they send him to eat in the kitchen when the company come over but he is not bother by that because he know that deep inside that he is better than that. When they send him to the kitchen he proceeds to say that he laugh at it and smiles. It almost like he know that better day are coming. He starts the first Stanza off by saying, “I too sing America. Which gives you the ideal that he is about to tell you his side of the story and how he really see America through his eyes. It almost like he about to break it down to you how America is for his race. In the next stanza he said, “I am the darker brother which leads you to believe that he is an African American men and that he is talking for all of the African American brothers in his community. It almost like he about to stand up for all the other “Darker Brothers”. Who cannot speak for themselves our might be too scared to speak up. In the next couple of stanza he said something along lines of “they send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes”. There is a lot of things you could interrupt from this one sentence. I’m pretty sure he did not mean that they literally send him to kitchen right when company comes, but maybe more of the lines that a little after the company arrives he is then sent to the…

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