Essay on The Poem Daddy, By Sylvia Plath

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The poem “Daddy,” by Sylvia Plath is a descriptive poem of Plath’s feelings towards her dead father. The grief stuck by her father passing, heavily impacting her way of life. Plath had a hard time growing up because she felt alone without her father and she felt incomplete because she never got a chance to know her father or what he was like. Plath claims she is “through,” but evidence shows that she did not come to terms with her father because her suffering, aggression, and disrespect towards her father continued to grow overtime.
Throughout the poem, the author expresses aggression towards her father’s death that caused her a lot of pain and suffering for most of her childhood and also, continued on into her adulthood. Plath has a lot of resentment towards her father for leaving her at a young age because she was not able to live a calm and normal life. Her father’s dead was something that continued to haunt her because all of her questions remained unanswered and she continued to feel alone, lost, and hopeless. When Plath states, “But they pulled me out of the sack, and they stuck me together with glue,” she is referencing her early suicide attempt (Plath). This quote supports the argument that Plath will never be able to recover because even though she was treated for the suicide attempt, she was not cured. Her reference to being put together with glue implies that glue never really fixes something that is broken. The cracks will remain and as well as the damage like…

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