The Poem ' Caged Bird ' By Maya Angelou Essay

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Caged Bird- Maya Angelou The poem “Caged Bird” by famous author Maya Angelou, comes from times she faced as an African American in the Civil Rights era and segregation all African Americans faced. The title automatically gives an immediate thought of a bird being trapped, which relates to how African Americans felt. This poem is a metaphor that contrasts a free bird and a caged bird which exemplifies the differences between African Americans and white people back in her time. Angelou had a rough childhood growing up and this poem reflects on that. The tone and the attitude portrayed helps realize and understand what it was like for her. The two very most important words are freedom and caged in this poem. The main idea of the poem as a whole is segregation, racism and how Maya defied those two issues through “Caged Bird.”
Growing up, Angelou faced racial discrimination, divorced parents and even sexual assault when she was just a young girl. “Abandoned by her parents, Angelou and her brother. Bailey, spent their early years in the care of a strong grandmother in Stamps, AR, where they first experienced racial discrimination. At age eight, Angelou was raped by her mother 's boyfriend and lost her willingness to speak to anyone other than her trusted brother” (Roche, 43). After the sexual assault she went mute for several years, because the man that did it, her mother’s boyfriend, said he would kill her brother if she told. She attended public schools throughout Arkansas and…

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