The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out Book Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… It recognizes the importance of relationships that people build. Builders find that when their core values, words, and actions are aligned, they feel that they are on track and in turn attract the right people to make their goals happen. Everything that has Meaning gets organized in a Thought Style, which is turned into words and deeds, Action Styles that support what matters to them. Builders use every possible opportunity to re-affirm goals and meaning. The only thing that provides lasting success is the day-to-day practice and struggle to move all these three elements toward alignment in life and work.

The authors also present the methodology and significant results of their research in writing the book on the last section, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out – A look at the Research behind Success Built to Last. The book is result of the two independent studies that they did – the personal interviews conducted with the identified successful people and the results of the World Success Survey. The survey looked on the perceptions of success from various respondents. This was compared to support their findings about how successful people find meaning, define success, their attitudes, and
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It has good flow of thoughts and ideas. It prepared its readers at the start of the book about its main premise – success that lasts is a result of the alignment of three essential elements such as Meaning, Thought Style, and Action Style. It provided readers an idea on what to expect from the book. Also, it has started strongly by citing famous world leader, Nelson Mandela, at the introduction that provides the transition from the previously written book, Built to Last, to a Success Built to Last. Moreover, to clearly understand the main idea of the book, the book contains the simple diagram for easier understanding of the book’s main contents. It is worth noting that the author was able to thoroughly discuss the Meaning element. It was an easy read because a lot of personal conversations with the resource people are quoted in the book. Thus, reading the book became more of reader’s personal account with these successful people as

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