The Please And Danger : Exploring Female Sexuality Essay

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Carole S. Vance, who wrote the Please and Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality in 1984, provides a historical account of the issues surrounding societies perceptions, beliefs, and expectations of women sexuality. Vance explores several factors that bring light to the ways in which women’s sexual non-conformist behaviour remained invisible. Vance begins her paper stating, “the tension between sexual danger and sexual pleasure is a powerful one is women’s lives” (Vance, 1). This statement reinforces the duality that exists within society in context to women’s sexuality. Historically women have been situated within a male dominated society, dictated by the patriarchal structures that pervades all most all facets of society, including; the political, social, economic spheres. Therefore, Vance begins her paper identifying that sexuality is not merely a biological impulse humans undergo in order to procreate and satisfy their sexual cravings. Instead Vance is identifying the presence of power of the other aspect of sexuality that is sexually constructed. With that being said, Vance is reinforcing that throughout history and presently (that being 1984), that women struggle to find a balance between her desire and basic biological impulses for sexual gratification while minimizing her exposure to potential sexual threats. In addition, sexuality has been in a constant influx regarding the restrictive and repressive facets of a socially constructed and agreed upon notion of sexuality…

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