Essay on The Plea For Commence War

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The Plea to Commence War

In order to gain freedom from the despotism of the British monarchy, citizens of the

United States took it into their hands to persuade the loyalists to take action against injustice. In

1775, Patrick Henry powerfully addressed the idea to commence war upon the British to resolve

the issue of oppression at the Virginia Convention. He was able to conjure conflict and fear

within the minds of the audience members by appealing to emotion, and making religious or

authoritative remarks in front of colonists who felt enslaved by the British. Patrick Henry’s

intentions were to provoke the result of the declaration of war in rage against British oppression.

Patrick Henry himself was greatly affected by the British oppression, thus he took it upon

himself to project the injustice of British rule to other colonists in order to gain more support to

plead for war. Henry constantly employed the technique of evoking emotion from the audience

present at the Virginia Convention. Henry created conflict within the minds of the audience

when he “beseech[ed] [the president] [to] not deceive [themselves]” (Henry). Henry’s strategy of

repetition was smart because not only did he remind the colonists that the British were a negative

impact, but his words also caused constant fluctuations with the thoughts of the audience at the

convention. By directing his comments to the authoritative figure, the president, Henry was able

to target the…

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