Essay on The Play Pygmalion By George Bernard Shaw

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The play Pygmalion was written by George Bernard Shaw in 1912. The title of the play is based upon a character in Greek Mythology of the same name. The Greek character Pygmalion carved a woman out of ivory, as he could not find an adequate real woman. He later fell in love with the statue he carved, causing it to come to life. Shaw’s play Pygmalion focuses on a poor young flower girl living in London named Eliza Doolittle. She meets a Professor Henry Higgins who teachers her how to speak and act like a lady. However, in teaching Eliza how to fit in as a lady in high society, Higgins forgets to treat Eliza as a person. Throughout the play, Higgins treats Eliza and majority of women, as if they were objects, which the negative gender identification that sees women as objects.
Professor Higgins, the main male character and Eliza Doolittle, the female protagonist are very opposite to one another. Professor Higgins is a scientist of phonetics, about forty years old, wealthy and he has connections in high society but he is selfish, rude and child like. The author describes Higgins as being “careless about himself and other people, including their feelings” (Shaw 2.05). He also has a very low opinion of any woman other than his mother; he tells his associate, “Women upset everything. When you let them into your life, you find that the woman is driving at one thing and you 're driving at another […] Lord knows! [He] suppose[s] the woman wants to live her own life; and the man…

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