The Play Doctor Faustus By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the play Doctor Faustus, there is a recurring theme of doubt, persuasion, and resolve. The script, which was written, roughly, in the early 1600 's, has a plot of a man succumbing to the devilish pleasures of knowledge of the unknown, all for the cheap price of his soul! Faustus has just 24 years to view the worlds treasure until Lucifer himself to snatch his soul. Being written in the 1600 's would mean that this play would have a more effective 'scare-factor ' than what it does in modern literature.
Scene 5 has Faustus doubting himself right from the start, Faustus himself even questioning 'Why waverest thou? ' shortly after 'What boots it then to think of God or heaven? '. The cacophonic word 'boots ' holds a huge contrast to how Faustus ends the sentence on a euphonic note 'heaven ', which could show how Faustus is starting on a harsh path of descending to the devil and the 'heaven ' showing that he could turn his back on what he is doing now and still be forgiven by God. Faustus is realising that if he thinks of God or heaven then there would be no reason to sell his soul to the exact opposite: the devil. Furthermore, 'My blood congeals and I can write no more ' is a warning from God himself. The only way Faustus’ blood will run any longer is by Mephastophilis going back down to hell and bringing hells fire to Faustus, a clear warning in itself in what Faustus is about to do. The oxymoronic language 'blood congeals ' interprets that his blood is doing the…

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