The Plastic Generation (Persuasive Speech on Child Cosmetic Surgery)

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The Plastic Generation

Famous actress and model Patricia Heaton once said “Plastic surgery is like the big elephant in the Hollywood living room,” (Brainy Quotes). For celebrities, a plastic surgery operation is just another trip to the doctor’s office. After all, in this day and age, image is everything. We see this in high profile professions, and in large cities across the country. However, recently in Beverly Hills, California, girls as young as 16 are getting nose-jobs as a “Right of Passage” to fit in. This is a trend that has moved beyond the big city, and with 250,000 teens getting cosmetic surgery a year, it’s becoming all too normal. Bullying, media, and just plain vanity are causing children and teens everywhere to go under
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Nicolett’s parents agreed it was time to do something. With the whole family in agreement, she met with plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk, who performs about 25% of his total rhinoplasties on teenagers. Nicolett was the youngest person Dr. Rizk had ever operated on. Because of this, he had to make sure her face was fully grown before continuing with the procedure. For Samantha’s surgery, it was okay because the ears are fully adult-size by the age of 6.
Nicolett’s operation went as planned - right after finishing 7th grade, she had a successful nose job that left her feeling happy and beautiful. Samantha’s operation ended successfully as well - the teasing stopped at school and she is overjoyed with her new ears. As for Nicolett, she started a new school in 8th grade. Even though the bullying can’t disappear forever, it has made a big difference.
Both Nicolett and Samantha are happy with the outcome of their surgeries, but did they go too far? Psychciatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher has a solution; “Kids should learn to stand up for themselves against bullies,” he says. Who knows? Maybe they’ll grow into their nose or ears. Maybe they’ll lose that baby fat as they get older. Patience, confidence, and time to appreciate yourself the way you were made is important. And as far as Facebook and other social media? Gallagher says he thinks staying offline until the age of 15 is beneficial.
In conclusion, plastic surgery can be unhealthy and dangerous to people of young ages. Of

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