The Plant Of A Meatpacking Plant Essay examples

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Schlosser described a visit to a meatpacking plant somewhere in the High Plains. His journey through the plant was quite sure to his own understanding. There were so many workers standing near another and they are chopping up chunks of cattle, standing in pools of pool that were deep. Workers were killing cattle by hitting them and slicing them up. Even though there are machines to process meat, with cattle there are different sizes that come along with it. Unlike other animals, cattle would have to be slice in a particular way and with knives. In this case workers must work in a quick way to slice up cattle to almost keep with how their machines would. Some plants kill 400 cattle an hour. The work condition was so ruthless. There were so many cattle that were slaughter that blood was everywhere. Lots of workers would get injuries due to the quick speed of work, lots of workers would still be working when they are hurt, and workers getting sick, and the safety condition were so bad. Workers would take drugs like methamphetamine to help them work faster and while taking drugs it would affect the how the worker would cut the cattle. Women were engage in sexual relationship with supervisors to make their job easier at the factory. It was not unusual for it. Some of the worse jobs at the plant were the clean-up crew. The clean-up workers comes and works at night and rinse out the mess with 100 degree mixture of chemicals call solvents and with water. This mixture also had a side…

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