The Planning Process Is The Most Difficult Part Of Our Project

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The planning process was the most difficult part of our project. We all seemed to have very busy schedules and it was difficult for us to find time when we were all free. We originally planned on doing a half-day prayer retreat, but we were not able to find enough time in a single day to do it, so we opted on meeting on 5 different days for an hour and a half at a time. Once we made that decision it was a little easier to move further into the planning stage. We originally planned to meet at 7:00 each night after fall break, but again, we all became busy and had to re-schedule for the following week. We decided to focus each day of prayer on a specific topic. In our first meeting we planned to pray for our school. Our second meeting we planned to pray for our family and friends. Our third meeting we planned to pray for the U.S. and other nations. Our fourth meeting we planned to pray for other believers. Our fifth meeting we planned to pray for our personal lives and the things we were struggling with or having success with. We chose this day last on purpose as we thought we would be closer as a group and more willing to share our secrets and hardships. We had some more scheduling conflicts we had to deal with during our scheduled times, but we were able to complete each session.
What we actually did
Friday Oct. 23rd We wrote a list of 10 items to pray about and went in turn praying for each of them: Dr. Taylor’s wife, fall sports, racism, the freshman class, men…

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