The Planet Of The Earth Essay

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Imagine a planet wrought poison in its air and it 's ecosystem, with having endured such devastation that it struggles to keep its inhabitants alive, then imagine a single species animals no other than 195,000 years old, imagine that species taking advantage of the gift that it has with no prudence. First it cultivated the planet, the planet gave, next it hunts and subjugated its animals, the planet still gave, they then burned it’s forests and carved its stones, the planet still gave. But that wasn’t enough for the creatures, they poisoned it’s air, it’s ocean, it’s land they destroyed, and they took from the planet with no forethought. The planet couldn’t take anymore it slowly decays, it’s water became like acid, it’s air choked the living beings, and it’s clouds only bring want. But these creatures ignored the suffering of its planetary brethren, even of it’s own kin. And while some have not turned a blind eye to the decimation of the planet, but those who hold the power to change it, the power, the responsibility, the obligation, is left in the hands of who would treat the extinction of their planet as if it were game, and would rather watch the world and it’s diverse lives be slowly pulled to their agonising annihilation, then allow their ideological opposites to “win”, as if it would be using to save millions, if not billions of lives. e a world in which a single group of animals that accounts for less than 10th of the population, ha
In fact our uncontrolled use of…

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