The Planet Of The Apes Essay

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"Rational man having had his day, a superior being was bound to succeed him, preserve the essential results of his conquests, and assimilate them during a period of apparent stagnation before soaring up to even greater heights" (Boulle 227). This quote in Pierre Boulle’s Planet of the Apes describes how less advanced classes will eventually preside over a stronger class. It shows Cornelius’s belief that apes, a less advanced species compared to humans, will one day rise over humans from Earth and surpass them in achievement. This power struggle between classes is evident in Planet of the Apes as humans on Soror are considered to be mindless animals until humans from Earth arrive. Throughout Planet of the Apes, Boulle creates multiple power clashes that show that lesser classes will eventually overpower superior classes.
The beginning of Planet of the Apes starts with two characters, Jinn and Phyllis who are travelling through space and come across a bottle with a manuscript within it. The manuscript contains the story of Ulysse Merou, Levain Arthur, and their leader, Professor Antelle. All of them are from the planet Earth.

It starts by describing the trio’s voyage through with the intent of reaching Betelgeuse, a gigantic star much bigger than the sun. During their travels, they come across Soror, a planet inhabited by apes, however, they aren’t not aware of these apes and decide to visit Soror. As they touch down on Soror they still remain the most advanced species known…

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