Essay on The Planet Of The Apes

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I chose "The Planet of the Apes" movies to demonstrate how the New Era was involved in the process of creating each movie. The Planet of the Apes started back in 1968 and has run through 2014, and there is the plan to have another movie come out in 2017. I as a child into my adulthood always enjoyed these movies because I found it interesting to see how the movie would evolve from one movie to the other. In the first series I had great compassion for the Ape and could not understand while they were treated so badly, and why they had to be chained up. Then came the part of the series that the Apes became intelligent, and now were going to enslave the humans. Tables were now turned, and humans were getting back the treatment they had given the apes. Again, I only wished all would just get a long. This series of movies demonstrated the different phases of human interaction with apes, political reform, dealing with the environment, and government unrest. Which in turn created New Era thoughts. I am going to give a brief description of the New Era thoughts that were conveyed in each of the movies, and hope that it truly does explain what New Era thoughts were going on during the 70 's and the 80 's. (History) 1968 "Planet of the Apes"- Behind this movie was a theme of cold war in which humans were going to destroy the earth by nuclear warfare. This movie depicts this destruction by showing the Statue of Liberty as being destroyed. (History, n.d.) 1970 "Beneath the Planet…

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