The Plan For Pregnancy Rates And Unwanted Pregnancies Essay

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Plan B Pill It seems like as time goes on, teens get more and more irresponsible, Take a second and think about how many teens have dropped out of school because they are raising a child. Or think about how many teens in your school have had one, maybe even two abortions. What if we could do something to help decrease the rates of abortions and teen pregnancy? Pregnancy rates have increased drastically, as well as abortion rates. The Plan B pill could help, but no one really knows about it. The Plan B pill needs to be better advertised to decrease abortion rates and unwanted pregnancies. As more and more teens are becoming pregnant and abortion rates are increasing rapidly, the Plan B contraceptive pill needs to be better advertised and enforced. One of the major concerns about distributing that Plan B pill over the counter is safety. People worry that the Plan B pill could cause birth defects as well as infertility. The most common health risk that some women experience are abdominal cramping, nausea, or changes in their next period. There are so many myths that go along with taking the Plan B pill or any emergency contraceptive. Women say that it is abortion pills. The Plan B pills has no effect on an established pregnancy. Women also say that it causes infertility. There is absolutely no evidence that taking emergency contraceptives affects fertility. Health officials say that “the efficiency and safety of the plan b pill is fairly predictable” (Hoffman 10).…

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