The Plan For European Economic Recovery Program Essay

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Following World War II, all of Europe was left in a clutter of disarray. Instead of watching Europe endure the hardships left from the war, the United States went to Europe’s aid. From 1947 to 1952, European nations experienced a time of massive growth. The Plan aimed to repair the economic and political damages from the war. The plan was a response to American concerns that communist parties were growing stronger across Europe and that the Soviets might intervene. The Marshall Plan also reflected the belief that US aid for European economic recovery would create strong democracies and open new markets for American goods. After World War II, The European Recovery Program was instrumental in economically and politically rebuilding European infrastructure. (Cayton)
Prior to the making of the Marshall Plan, President Harry Truman requested permission to spend $400 million in Greece and Turkey. At the time, Greece and Turkey were both in economic despair. The US figured this would happen, especially considering the war-debt the two countries were in. Not to mention the weak military both countries owned. He called this plan the Truman Doctrine. Truman focused on the military challenges of communism. The doctrine was to immensely affect the, slowly approaching, Cold War. Truman stirred up controversy when he announced that the doctrine was to become a basis for the US policy of containing communism around the world. (Associated 71) Throughout, Europe was suffering from various…

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