Essay on The Plague Of The Nineteenth Century

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During the fourteenth century, Europe suffered many catastrophes that eventually went down in history. The Black Death which was the most horrible made people lives change tremendously. There was severe weather and crazy winters that hurt corps and made the economic crisis began. The plague was horrific there was a wide spread that passed from Asia through Europe during the mid-fourteenth century. In the beginning of the fourteenth century there were no signs of the disease until fall of 1347. That had originated in China in 1334 and spread along the trade routes. The plague killed one third of the Europe people in a three year span. The disease wiped out whole towns sometime not even enough people left to bury the dead. This was a major population change in the late middle ages made lifestyle and cultures different for Europeans. There were many turning points during the Black Death Plague effected many people. There were families, farmers, the workers, the crops, and land owners numerous things had changed for them like money and survival status. Families were effected they did not have a lot of money to survive and no cure for the disease. They were always turned away by different organizations because no one desired to deal with the sick. The rural workers were hit really hard and labor for the workers were really scarce. There just was not enough to survive. People that owned land had to offer and barter many things in the source of payment for jobs if not the…

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