The Pitch ( What Is Your Business? Essay

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The Pitch (What is your business?)
I help speakers, authors, coaches, seminar leaders, online information marketers, ministries and businesses package their products and services. My company, Global Internet Enterprises, help them to position and promote themselves to get their products, services and messages in the marketplaces in a big way to make an impact and an income.

Here is my story of struggles. I was poisoned at three months old and hospitalized in intensive and critical care for many months. I’ve experienced years of challenges in academics; I couldn’t read or write and had severe learning deficits. This led to high levels of frustration and pain and resulted in suspension from college. Other challenges were evident in areas of finances, parenting, overcoming severe abuse in teenage dating and domestic violence. You may say what does this have to do with entrepreneurship? To me entrepreneurship should be looked at as what people are given in their life rather than people accepting what was given to them in their lives as their fate. Challenges and abuse includes what I was given in my life. For instance, I was poisoned at 3 months and was in the intensive and critical care for many months. Now I use these things to help people to change their circumstances to overcome their challenges. As an entrepreneur, I use my life’s journey to do what I really love and care about and this I am passionate about. I am here to create change even if it appears as though…

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