Essay about The Pit Bulls, By Far, The Most Feared Dog

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Pit bulls are, by far, the most feared dog. A “pit bull” isn 't an actual breed, the term originates from the American Pit Bull Terrier but also includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, the English Staffordshire Terrier, and any dogs that are mixes of these breeds. These dogs are stereotyped to the point that there have been laws instated that have banned the dogs in some cities. For decades the media has been using the pit bull hysteria for their own profit. This is an issue because so many people 's knowledge on pit bulls only comes from what they hear and read. This leads many to believe all pit bulls are inevitably dangerous. From my own experience and research, I believe that there are no dangerous breeds, only dangerous, individual dogs. Laws shouldn 't be going against specific dog breeds, instead there should be legislations that hold dog owners accountable for their own actions. A couple years ago I was volunteering at an animal shelter and a woman came in with a puppy she had gotten a few months prior. The woman wanted to return the puppy because someone had told her that it looked like a pit bull. She was angry because when she had adopted the then eight-week-old puppy, the staff had told her it was a Labrador mix. The staff tried to assure her that they don 't adopt out pit bulls and it was just a mutt. The woman wouldn 't listen to them and insisted they had to take it back because she had young children and the puppy was already biting (also know as…

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