The Pipers Son Essay

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Preliminary English Assessment task 2012
Module A- A close study of texts
Rosie SwansonWood
Question: “Distinctive ideas are at the heart of every text”
In your view, what distinctive ideas are explored in your prescribed text? Analyse how these ideas are developed throughout the text by examining the ideas, form and language used in the text.

The Piper’s Son
The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta explores a variety of issues, themes and ideas. Grief, closure and development of the individual are all key issues in the novel. Marchetta engages the reader in the development of these issues via key events and relationships between characters.
Grief and loss are vital elements in this novel. Not only is Tom’s family grieving the loss of
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Tom’s aunt Georgie also suffers grief. She sought physical comfort with the man who cheated on her years ago, and she finds herself pregnant as a result. This does not bring Georgie any peace of mind but only causes her more worry.
The Piper’s Son depicts an Australian family whose close connection has been destroyed by grief, and it is only by sharing this grief and bonding together that they can become one again. ‘’The Mackees can’t be put back together again. There are too many pieces of them missing’’.
Closure is another key issue explored within the novel. The Mackee-Finch clan cannot find closure because they cannot bring Joe Finch’s body home, nor have they recovered the body of their grandfather who died at Long Khanh, Vietnam. ‘’Nanni Grace tells him ‘’it’s what I’ve been doing for most of my life, burying the men in my family in empty coffins’’ ’’. She believes their families blood is splattered ‘’all over the world’’. Both men were killed fighting ‘’other peoples wars’’. Nanni Grace’s anger at this has not subsided over the years. Perhaps if the bodies were recovered and brought home her anger may ease. By returning the body of their dead loved one, it gives the family peace of mind instead of the constant worry of the body’s whereabouts. Burying a body gives a sense of finality to a person’s life, it’s like closing an open wound and allowing the wound to heal. They have been born, they’ve lived, and then died, and the burial is the final

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