The Pink Hat And The Brete Bond Day And Depression Days By Pat Moora

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Have you ever seen someone with a skin color different than yours, or maybe you have a friend that’s a different race? Well if you have, then did you treat them the same? In the story "The Pink Hat" by: Caroline Bond Day, and the poem "Depression Days" by: Pat Mora, the author informs readers about how you should treat everyone equally. In both of these texts the most important theme is, "treat everyone equally." This theme is portrayed in the stories when the main character in each text gets treated differently because of their race.

Don’t treat others differently just because they don’t look the same as you. This shows in the story "The Pink Hat" when Sarah buys a hat and she suddenly gets treated better when she puts it on. On page:70
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This is proven in the poem "Depression Days". The poem "Depression Days" is about a Mexican boy trying to find a job, so he can support his family. On page:122-123, Delgado asks the sergeant if he can have this job and the sergeant told him, "You don’t look Mexican Delgado, just change your name and you've got a job." Delgado didn’t take the sergeant up on his offer. I think the reason Delgado did not change his name is because he didn’t want to change something about himself just so he can get a job. Another spot in the poem is on page:123 where it says, "I try not to think of the bare ice box, my mother's always sad eyes, of my father who never understood this country, of the price of eggs and names and skin." This part of the poem tells you about Delgados life, they have little or no food. His mother is sad almost all the time. His father never understood the people in America, how they were rude. How they treated all the immigrants differently. The part of the poem that says "The price or eggs and names and skin" tells you that food is expensive. Names means, you couldn’t have a job or a normal life if they had a foreign name. Like Delgado, he couldn’t get a job because of his name and race. All this shows that you shout not change yourself for the benefits of …show more content…
In "Depression Days" Delgado gets treated worse because his name is one of the few things that make him seem Mexican, and the sergeant wanted him to change that about himself. The similarities are, in "The Pink Hat" one of the few things that makes Sarah look like a negro is her frizzy brown hair. In "Depression Days" one of the few things that makes Delgado seem like a Mexican is his name. Is saying that Delgado only had about one thing that made him seem Mexican, same with Sarah but instead it was her hair and she is a negro. Also, both characters decided against doing something that wasn’t their

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