Essay on The Pigs - Original Writing

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WILLIAM and Mary stood next to the spits watching four, 90-pound pigs rotate over hot coals. Grease from the pigs sprayed and sputtered over the fire. The pigs had been methodically spinning over the coals for twelve hours, slowly roasting into a culinary masterpiece.
“They look like they’re almost done,” William said.
“Yes, sir,” a farmhand wearing an apron said. The farmhand had tended the pigs all night, carefully basting the pigs with beer brewed in the Blue Hills Brewery.
“Should I call everyone to dinner?” William asked.
“So long as the ladies have everything ready, the pigs are good to go,” the farmhand said.
A group of women roasted potatoes and tossed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers grown in a greenhouse over the winter. Mary walked over to check the progress of the side dishes.
“Go ahead and call everyone,” Mary said, walking back to the roasting pigs. “They’ll be ready by the time everyone gets up here.”
After stringing barbed wire and knitting all afternoon, the farmhands had returned to Heritage Woods to clean up and change clothes before the pig roast and barn dance. William followed Mary up the porch steps. They stood next to a dinner bell hanging from the eaves. William lifted a wand and began ringing the iron triangle. A sustained clang, clang, clang, rang out over the estate, calling the community to dinner.
“How was the knitting circle?” William asked.
“It went well. We spun the last bushel of cotton and made onesies and blankets for the…

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