The Pieta Is One Of Michelangelo Buorarroti 's Finest Masterpieces

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The Pieta is one of Michelangelo Buorarroti’s finest masterpieces. This masterwork can be found in Vatican City, at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy. French Cardinal Jean de Bilheres, Rome representative, had funded Michelangelo to create this as his funeral monument. This flawless work of art features the body of Jesus placed on the lap of the Virgin Mary after the savior’s crucifixion. The entire process of creating this sculpture only lasted over a year ( This dimensionally full-round sculpture stands 69 inches in length by 78 inches in height. The method of execution is subtractive, as a chisel was used to chip away the marble. The structure of the Pieta is pyramidal with the vertex coinciding of the Virgin’s head, the figure then amplifies down in an increasing manner ( Through the bright color intensity and positive space, Mary’s face reveals majestic acceptance and serenity. I decide to do my art history essay of The Rome Pieta by Michelangelo because this is a gorgeous and beautiful sculpture, which I think it is the best of the high renaissance times. The Rome Pieta is a sculpture of Mary holding the death body of her son Jesus, right after his crucified. The curving, shadowing and soft lines that Michelangelo creates were unbelievable perfect, but more than a perfect sculpture I feel a special feeling in my heart. By the first time I saw this sculpture I felt a profound intimacy with it because I…

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