The Picture of Ugly Women Means Powerless as Represented in the Movie Entitled '200 Pounds Beauty'

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The Picture of Ugly Woman Means Powerless in Korean Movie entitled ‘200 Pounds Beauty’
By: Mustika Nur Amalia
(Gender and Literature Studies)

This Essay is written in order to fulfill the final project of the subject ‘Gender and Literature Studies’. The main focus of this essay is to discuss the ugly women that depicted in the ‘200 pounds beauty’ since this movie highlights the pain of Hana as the main character who is considered ugly because she is fat. The terms of ‘fat’ here gives the message to women that women should not be ‘fat’ to be beauty. This issue is one of the practices of women as sex object that demands the women to be concern about their body. In 1913, Webster’s dictionary defined beauty as “properties pleasing the
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Therefore, since Hana is fat and it is unacceptable in entertainment industry, she cannot become an artist even she is talented. We can see from the conversation quote in the movie:
Sang Jun: She's (refers to Hana) talented, but ugly and fat. You're untalented ( refers to Ammy), but gorgeous and sexy. …. We're just using her. Understood? Be nice to her. If she walks, it's over.
Once again, this conversation is emphasizes that Hana never become an artist because she is fat and ugly. The entertainment industry which is lead by Sang Jun is just used her like a doll.

The second reason to think that Ugly is powerless for women is that being ugly means loneliness. This is because Hana does not dare to reveal her feeling to Sang Jun, the man that she loved. She is sure that she will be rejected. For Hana, Sang Jun is one of the men who is given her a reason to live for. But Sang Jun does not see her as women. In his point of view, Hana is a worthy asset and he treats her as a doll. Other interesting case from the scene in the movie that has to be underlined here is when Hana speaks in the telephone with the man; the first thing that the man asked to Hana is about her body size. Of course, Hana chooses to not reveal her true body size, she mentioned that her bust is 34 inches, waist is 24, and hip is 36, the ideal body size for women. The standard beauty of having ideal body as the product of cultural construction and put the women as

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