The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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The Growth and Change in Character: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Throughout life, each person becomes a product of their actions, decisions, and choices, which are often influenced by members of society or societal norms; it molds their character and defines their personality. Many times these actions can cause breakthroughs in one’s life, however other times it can compromise ones reputation and level of respect in society’s social hierarchy. The author, Oscar Wilde, in his classical novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, conveys the explicit message about the importance of meaningful influence on one’s character and the vital implication of recognizing the difference between what is beneficial and detrimental in life. For instance, one might argue that over the course of the book, the protagonist, Dorian Gray, develops as a character by being vulnerable to the exposure of influence that contradicts his moralistic upbringing. Even though, Dorian is open to a world of opportunity at a young age, he is quick to experience the pleasure of yielding to temptation that ultimately leads him to live an immoral double-life, a result of blindly accepting Lord Henry’s ideals of hedonism, youth and beauty. Thus, over the course of the book, one can witness how depraved influence, as well as a lack of realization and poor judgment can affect the development of characters personality and change their course in life.

In the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian is introduced as a person…

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