The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, is one of the most amusing and entertaining books to read and just because of the amount of wit and intelligence that can be found in it. Every conversation is a contest on who can make the wittiest comment, though usually won by Lord Henry Wotton. Lord Henry is a master in the art of conversation and uses epigrams to convey his intelligence. Though wit and intelligence play a large role in The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wit and intelligence is shown in The Picture of Dorian Gray by Lord Henry’s interest in psychology, the use of epigrams, and Oscar Wilde’s interest in sciences. One of the most influential characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray is Lord Henry because of the way he talks and his ability to influence. But Lord Henry is also very interested and knows a lot about science, mainly psychology. Lord Henry’s interest in psychology can be shown by how he uses Dorian as a psychology experiment. Lord Henry uses Dorian as a psychological experiment to observe how much someone can be influenced and in Dorian’s case, someone can be influenced a lot. Lord Henry creates the experiment by pushing Dorian by tempting him a little more every time to see when and if he will break. The goal of the experiment is to test how Lord Henry’s actions will affect Dorian and whether he would become corrupt.

There are many possible reasons why Lord Henry is very interested in science. One reason may be that the Victorian era was a time when there…

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