The Piano Lesson The Charles ' Family Essay examples

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In The Piano Lesson the Charles’ family is shown as very stubborn and frank. Since almost all members of the Charles’ family are like this they all tend to argue a lot. The Charles’ family also has a very interesting background filled with scandal, slavery, and a piano that has been through it all with the Charles’ family and even could be blamed for all their problems. Their family history negatively impacts Bernice, who struggles with the toll her father’s death over the piano took on her family revealing the importance of legacy and how it builds people’s character. This play shows the importance of legacy through the Charles’ family past in slavery and her father’s death. In The Piano Lesson Bernice chooses to willfully ignore her family’s past but is then forced to embrace it at the end of the play. Thus, letting Berniece heal and reunify herself with her family.
In The Piano Lesson Berniece struggles with the toll her father’s death over the piano took on her family and deals with it by simply ignoring her past. In the Piano Lesson Berniece’s grandfather and grandmother used to be slaves and their master Sutter forced Berniece’s grandfather to carve their family onto the piano to please Sutter’s wife. Sutter’s wife missed the slaves that were traded to get the piano and this led to Berniece’s grandfather carving not only those slaves but also important events that happened to the Charles’ family such as “... when him and Mama Berniece got married… when my daddy was…

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