The Physics Of The Earth Tilts Essay

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The earth tilts possibly due to being hit by an asteroid billions of years ago causing it to tilt in the sun 's orbit. Therefore its axis that should be completely vertical top to bottom) tilts. The earth completes one turn daily therefore all the world will receive sunlight and will enjoy the changes of season because of this tilt. It has nothing to do with how close it is to the sun but because the axis is not straight. The axis stays tilted in the same direction as it orbits around the sun that is why only certain parts received more sunlight on a specific time of day and in the year (seasons). The sun has to go through many layers that filter some of the more harmful radiation that is emitted and allows the earth to provide an abundance of life and food. The 6 layers play a particular part into what rejects or absorbs certain dangerous light waves. The first and very last layer in our atmosphere is the exosphere and has no breathable air and is extremely cold, below that lies the thermosphere that has very hot molecules that capture the radiation becoming charged and increase in temperature, but because they are scattered and not packed in tightly they are unable to transfer the heat, The next bottom ;layer is the middle layer known as the “mesosphere” where all the gasses are mixed , followed by the stratosphere that contains the very well known ozone that captures intense UV Rays from the sun which protects our atmosphere known as the troposphere. Within the…

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