Essay on The Physics Of Mechanical Engineering

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Are you creative, breadth of knowledge, versatile and want to make the world more efficient with your creativity? If the answer is yes, let me tell you that Mechanical Engineering would be ideal for you. Mechanical Engineers create, design and manufacture all types of objects. They ensure that the designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably; Engineers make a enormous difference to our world to meet human needs.
Given these points, to become an engineer it takes desire and dedication. Throughout college you will be taking classes involving heavy math and science courses. Most of your time will have to be spent studying. When starting a mechanical engineering (ME) degree it is important to understand the prerequisites for upper division classes to be successful in your undergraduate career. Calculus and physics are essential to all ME courses, which are taken during your first year of college. Statics, Dynamics, and Matlab coding class are a taste of mechanical engineering courses. 3-D drawing (Solidworks) is an important skill for engineers because that’s how they see designs in real life and how they do analysis on the part or assembly. Thermodynamics is important to understand because most of all ME classes use energy concepts, which makes sense because anything that moves requires energy. Fluid mechanics, strengths of materials, heat transfer, vibrations, mechatronics, component design, and numerical analysis are essential of understand how to become a great…

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