Essay about The Physical Manifestation Of One 's Soul

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Notebooks are just pieces of paper with words scrawled all over them, right? Wrong, journals are the physical manifestation of one’s soul. My notebook is a cultural artifact I share with very many people around the world for a common goal: to express and understand myself. People have used a physical medium to express themselves since 40,000 years ago using cave walls to paint (Waldman 1). It’s a no-brainer that people continue to do so today. But why? What’s the significance of personal documentation?
Throughout history, women and minorities were known for journal-keeping, as this existed as one of the few ways to voice their opinions (Garret). Young girls today benefit from personal writing, as seen from researcher Magee. She found that girls often had similar purposes for personal writing, including writing about themselves, coping with daily life and unpleasant memories, differentiating oneself, and most of all, understanding their experiences (Magee). However, journal writing is commonly done by everyone, especially men, who benefit mentally from sharing their thoughts (Garret). So how does this tie into me and how my notebook is my cultural artifact? Like all of those examples from history, I benefit from writing my thoughts down to express myself, cope with daily life and unpleasant memories, and to understand myself and my experiences. For instance, I am not a very organized person, so I have to make a list to remember what to get done. Although the lists are out…

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