The Physical Game Play Impact The Player 's Bodies The Dark Lights And Misty Fog On Game

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Over many years of great athletes in the NFL,there have been many of questions of how severe or how the physical game play impact the player’s bodies the shiny lights and misty fog on game days what are you truly left with headaches on top of confusion bouts of rage and depression are somethings a few of the NFL retired players when the lights are off and the skies are clear retirees are left with many unanswered question that they don’t have A journal released by John J. Medina PhD. published fall of 2012 his concern is with the studies being conducted.

The size of the sample:
The more people you have to examine, the better chances of finding correlation Dr.Medina "Why do numbers mean everything when you have evidence showing that there is probability? (Medina 2) ECTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) it is enough to prove that there is something within playing professional football that is causing this disease. CTE is a syndrome that manifests with behavioral disturbance and cognitive decline in patients with repetitive head trauma. The syndrome was first described in boxers in the 1920s which was originally named Dementia Pugilistic or Punch drunk which declined the mental ability along with memory and Parkinson’s. who would have known that “CTE” was dated all the way back to the 1920s that’s almost 100 years ago and still many unanswered question that need to be answered. The leading scientist is Michael Turner, medical director of the International Concussion…

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