The Physical Fitness Training Program Essay

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Finally, the Army Physical Fitness Training program is a one size fits all program which does not address the varying levels of fitness found on an ODA. Individualized training programs are THOR3’s answer to this challenge. While the principles of fitness coupled with the strength coaches training and experience apply to all THOR3 training programs, the imagination is the only limit to what program the THOR3 strength coaches can generate. This is especially relevant for Team Sergeants that worry that using the THOR3 program is “pawning off” the traditionally Team Sergeant’s responsibility of planning and executing Detachment physical training. Because the THOR3 trainers are flexible, a Team Sergeant can present his fitness goals and have an active role in designing a program to meet those goals. This keeps the plan for physical fitness in the Team Sergeant’s lane while taking advantage of the holistic approach to fitness that THOR3 offers.
Musculoskeletal injuries have plagued SF since its inception and will continue to for the foreseen future; THOR3 offers a path for dealing with these injuries in an effective and timely manner. Several factors contribute to the cause of injuries within SF as well as recovery from those injuries. For example, when compared to General Purpose Army forces, SF personnel incur injuries less often but typically at a higher severity of injury. These more severe injuries pose a challenge to SF operators due to a stigma that exists within…

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