The Physical And Emotional Impacts Of Divorce Essay

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The physical and emotional impacts of divorce can be very tough for the entire family, but is the most challenging for the mother. While each situation is unique, one of the first consequences of a divorce for a couple with children is the change in financial conditions for the divorced parents (Eldar-Avidan, Haj-Yahia, and Greenbaum. 2008:75). From moving to a new home to finding employment, this adjustment is often more challenging for the primary caretaker, in most cases, the mother. Even if she is capable of finding work quickly, statistics show that as of 2008, “mothers earned an average of 70% of the male wage” (Oldham 2008:419). The change in the quality of life creates a more difficult position for a mother since she is now unable to enjoy the same lifestyle as she experienced prior to the divorce. The forced lifestyle change may be especially challenging for mothers by influencing their mood and function, and, therefore, her ability to properly care for herself and her family (Eldar-Avidan et al. 2008:75). The new financial situations these single mothers face is assumed to be the most problematic as she now must become the primary income earner for the household and, therefore, assume the role of both mother and father in the family. Assuming the role as both mother and father in the home can be detrimental to her well-being and that of her social life as well (Brandwein et al. 1974:500). A divorced mother household family income is the lowest when compared…

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