The Phio War: Causes Of The Phony War

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Register to read the introduction… * Phony War * Period between 1939- 1940 * there was very little combat as both sides built up their armies and arsenals * Axis * Alliance between Germany, Italy and later Japan * The 'Blitz' * in September of 1940, bombings of London and other major cities occurred in what the British called `the Blitz` * Italian Campaign, 1943 * in July 1943, Canadian, British, and American forces launched an assault on the Italian island of Sicily * by September of 1943, the Allies had pushed on the Italian mainland—the battle for the mainland would be a greater challenge for the Allies though—they encountered fierce resistance from Germans sent in to reinforce Italy * Ortona, 1943- 1944 * the Canadian army participated in the Battle of Ortona * it had narrow, twisting streets which made it impossible for soldiers to use …show more content…
27, 1943), the Allied succeeded in driving the Germans out of Ortona * the Canadian loss was 2300 dead * in Italy, the fighting continued until June 1944, when the Allies finally gained control of Rome—90 000 Canadians participated in the Italian campaign; 5400 lost their lives * Battle of Britain, 1940 * The Blitz * the Battle of Britain was Germany`s first defeat—major victory for Britain—prevented Germany from launching a naval invasion against the island nation and had boosted the sagging morale of the British people * Dieppe * the Allies launched a series of quick raids on the English Channel * on August 19, 1942, the allies landed on the beaches of the French town of Dieppe * the raid was doomed from the start—a chance encounter with a German convoy on the English Channel alerted the Germans to the impending raid * as a result, the landing was delayed until daylight—they lost the element of surprise and cover of

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