The Philosophy Of The Republic Essay

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In the Republic, Socrates affirms that in the ideal state the philosophers will have to be compelled to “return to the cave” and to take up their ideal position as rulers of the city. I feel that this compulsion is not really as such, and is simply indoctrination within the education of the ideal state. The concept of them being left alone comes to mind, as the philosopher is inherently different from most of his fellow man by the very nature of what defines him, a lover of knowledge. I show that again, within the system of their education to rule the city will align the philosopher most with what constitutes a happy and just life, the closest one can get to the good within the confines of the cave. The question then rolls towards whether this compulsion is just for the philosopher in his treatment, again I show that it is a compulsion merely in that the philosophers education has told them to be one. Again, not giving a choice, seeming more of an assumption and a requirement to achieve happiness, which in turn proves one’s soul to be just. This does however, create a problem for the general thesis for his defense that “justice is in itself both good in act and in consequence. As he easily states why the act of returning is good in consequence, but the act itself is giving up the reality of oneself being outside the Cave, and having to return for the betterment of the City.

A: Why do the philosophers have to be compelled to rule the city? That is: are they better off…

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