The Philosophy Of The Curriculum Philosophy Essay

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The curriculum philosophy I plan to present focuses on two of the four philosophies. I want to focus on two philosophies which I think I see most often in our current education systems. The two philosophies that come to the forefront most often in education are: scholar academic and social efficiency. These two philosophies have been around for many years, but in my opinion, they are the easier ones to spot as I think back to my elementary and middle school education, as I walk around my school and other schools I visit, and I can see them throughout the curriculum we are provided with. As we look at these two philosophies, I want to focus on some of their history and aims, how they view the student or the child, the learning within each philosophy, and the purpose of the teacher or teaching.
Historically, our schools have gone through many curriculum and ideology changes, but we still see school as the place where students attend to receive information that will help them become better people or prepare them for a college education. It used to be the case that students could graduate with a high school diploma and find a decent career. With our ever changing technology, now students need to attend a university in order to have an opportunity at a great career. This is where I think I see both scholar academic and social efficiency come to the forefront of our education.
While scholar academics see themselves as the equalizers of democracy and through…

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