Essay on The Philosophy Of The Bible

1079 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Philosophy is a Greek word that simply means ones beliefs. Everyone of this Earth has a philosophy even if one does not realize it. In day to day events everyone shows their philosophies and beliefs. Christianity is a philosophy of the Christian people which states that a being by the name of God created the universe and man himself. In which man would turn against God and sin against him. Many people wonder how Christians just come up with this “story” and the answer is Christians gather their beliefs from the Bible which was inspired by God and written by man and is the instruction manual of the Christian life. The Bible is the most influential book placed upon this Earth, and is the one book in history that is one hundred percent flawless. It also is known to be the only book to ever be inspired by God but written by man…but also has forty different authors with forty different writing styles. The Bible is also broken up into two different parts these parts are broken up into the Old Testament and the New Testament showing what took place before Christ Jesus was born and what took place and what will take place after his death. The Bible is the only religious book that can and has been proven historically and archeologically correct. The main reason we read the Bible is because God placed it on the Earth for us to live by it is literally the book we all should live by and follow because the Bible is the instruction manual for…

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