The Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Essay

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Philosophy of Teaching
It is my intention to present myself as a newly certified educator whose teaching philosophy will collaborate with educational institutions in the promotion of literacy. I will approach this by discussing how teaching and learning interact with one another, legal approaches impact education, diversity and social changes demand equity, and how my educational philosophies will shape my role as a teacher.
Teaching and learning depend on one another to optimize results. To teach productively, an understanding of what students consider meaningful is required because a meaningful curriculum enhances learning. Capturing students’ interests enables students to engage in implemented inquiry based learning in which they will begin to formulate their own questions and seek for the answers. Inquiry based learning increases their voluntary involvement in their learning and reconditions them from being passive spectators into active investigators. Curricula that parallel students’ past experiences overlap with their prior knowledge, thus simplifying subject matter for long term acquisition. Students who become interested in their learning engage themselves fully to strengthen the skills they lack while reinforcing their strengths. Teaching and learning depend on each other proportionally since as the curricula becomes more based on the leaners’ needs and interests it enhances the leaning of classroom objectives.
Legal influences continue to positively impact…

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