Essay about The Philosophy Of Punishment And The Criminal Justice System

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Philosophy of punishment has different levels of consideration that serves numerous social-control functions within the Criminal Justice area. The four philosophy of punishment are retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, rehabilitation, and or restoration these are the major type specifying punishment for the criminal justice system to frighten future criminal conduct. General this means that the punishment should avoid other people from committing criminal acts as wells as the person from committing crimes. “First, an offender may be put in jail or prison to physically prevent him or her from committing another crime for specified period”. (Punishment) Second, this ineligibility calculated to be unpleasant and will discourage the lawbreaker from repeating his or her criminal behavior. “Retribution is one of the oldest and most basic justification for punishment involves the principles of revenge and retribution”. (Unknown) Retribution more like an eye for an eye the punishment should fit the crime. It’s based solely on the nature of the offense for example: mandatory sentencing policies for crimes committed with firearms, drug trafficking. “Incapacitation is a punishment that involves several of actions designed to decrease the physical capacity of a person to commit criminal or deviant acts” (Unknown) It another word for saying we are going to sentenced a person from committing future offenses. This type of punishment aims to prevent future crimes by taking way…

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