The Philosophy Of Plato 's Republic Essay

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In order to gain a better understanding of how truth is discovered rather than manufactured, one must examine the philosophy of Plato. A quintessential concept in Plato’s philosophy is the idea of being versus Being. In Plato’s Republic, the philosopher claims that there are two different realms within reality: the visible world of being, and the intelligible world of Being. In the world of Being, there exists what Plato calls the Forms. The Forms are Plato’s First Principle; he claims that the Forms are perfect, eternal, and non-changing objects in the intelligible realm, and these are the essences of the physical world; these are how things ought to be (INCLUDE CITATIONS). Examples of the Forms include the concepts of beauty, justice, and truth, and these cannot be perceived by the senses (INCLUDE CITATIONS). Rather, they exist innately within the objects in the world of being (INCLUDE CITATIONS). The world of being, on the other hand, is filled with mere copies of the Forms; these are all objects that can be perceived by the senses (INCLUDE CITATIONS). This realm is the world in which human beings reside, and things in this world are constantly changing.
In Timaeus, Plato furthers his claim regarding the ontological difference. He continues the discussion of the distinction between the world of becoming and the world of being. The physical world, the world of being, is constantly in a state of change and perish, and all sensible things, according to Plato, are…

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