The Philosophy Of Education Paper

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Philosophy of Education paper
Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Teaching, unlike any other profession, requires character. I think it goes deeper than that though, and when broken down, there are key ingredients of what makes a good teacher. What does it mean, “To be a good teacher”? What does it take for someone to make a difference while still educating the populace? Students need to be shown how to be successful not only in their work, but in their life. Think upon a cookbook for a moment. This item does not just supply a list of ingredients, for how are you to know what to do with them? Rather it supplies the ingredients needed, along with the application and limitations of how to create something that, when made correctly, in genuinely good. Teaching is considerably similar to this idea. True that there is no book in the world that has an exact list of what educators need to do and how educators need to act in order to be effective. But there are books that list traits needed in order to be good, and how to apply these traits to yourself in order to help those around you. John Dewey, William Bagley, Richard Mitchell, and Plato are all people who have tried to give us that list, in order to teach us how to, well, teach! But without a set of guidelines on how to apply these techniques, the academic world is lost to the chaotic and ever changing era of today. I consider student interest, perseverance, and being…

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