The Philosophy Of Descartes 's Philosophy Essay

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Descartes has written six meditations on First Philosophy, with some being more important than the other. The third meditation does seem to stand out among the rest as the most important. The goal of this meditation is to find out if there is a God and whether or not God is a deceiver. After reading the third meditation, you take a step back to realize the importance of what the meditation had uncovered.
There are different types of Ideas, which might not seem so important to the whole meditation but they are the basic building block. Innate ideas are one of the three types of ideas, innate means that they are inborn in us or in other words, they come from within. An example of innate idea would be Descartes statement, “I am, I exist.” Another type of ideas is adventitious ideas which are accidental and coming from outside of us. An encounter with an adventitious idea would be hearing a friend talk or seeing an ice cream truck drive by. Produce ideas are ideas that are self-made. Ideas that we come up with on our own would be drawings or music≥
One of the points in the third meditation is the concept of reality, which is a concept necessary in understanding the arguments in this meditation. There are two types of reality that Descartes speaks of which are Formal Reality and Objective Reality. Formal reality is the amount of reality a thing has in itself, which could be a scale of reality or perfection that a thing has. Now objective reality does have a relationship with…

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