Essay The Philosophy And Politics Before I Started At Emporia

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Doctor Russell Kirk, is a name that I never had heard of much less even understood his significance in American history and politics before I started at Emporia. While identifying as a Conservative for most of my life (Please forgive me, but my parents were “New Deal” Democrats and I was young at the time); I never understood the philosophy or the background of the Conservative movement. More importantly, I never connected faith and personal values into what it meant to be a Conservative. I grew up as a child of the 1960s cocooned in Middle America beliefs. I watched on TV of the national backlash towards many of the values that represented Middle America by what later would be deemed their cornerstone of the future Progressives of the 21st century. I have always based my interpretation of the American Conservative movement as based on the writings of Locke, Rousseau, and the founding fathers of Madison, Hamilton and John Adams. They represented in my mind the counterweight to Hobbes and the Jacobin philosophy. However, when I began reading “The Conservative Mind”, Edmund Burke was the founder of the Conservative movement. While Doctor Kirk is best remembered for writing “The Conservative Mind” as well as various articles in “The National Review”, he also wrote about the educational and other topics. He was a prolific writer and provided numerous commentaries. While at the Center, Annette showed us 6-8” binder, filled with his numerous commentaries. Inside the…

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