The Philosophy And Curriculum Design Essay

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1. Describe your understanding of this program’s philosophy and curriculum design. Please provide relevant examples from your personal and/or professional experiences. The philosophy of the University of Toledo 's occupational therapy program strongly focuses on the importance of being able to perform occupations. An occupation is anything that a person may do as a part of their daily life, such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and working. A person who gains or regains the ability to complete an occupational task also gains a great deal of independence and pride. Currently, I am working as a Homemaker/Personal Care Provider, and most of my time is spent working with a teenage boy who has autism. A large part of my job involves breaking down daily tasks into smaller components, so that they may be completed correctly every time. It is amazing to see the progress that the individual I work with has made in the time that I have been working with him. One of the tasks that we are currently working on is simple meal preparation. He is now able to independently select a flavor of yogurt, remove the lid, stir and eat the yogurt, something that he was not able to do a few months ago. I understand the importance of being able to independently complete even the smallest task, and am excited to teach these skills to the people that I will work with in the future. The curriculum of the University of Toledo 's occupational therapy program is broken down into different…

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