The Philosophies Of Teaching: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education

Everyone encounters some type of math in their life. Whether it’s going to the store and someone determines whether they have enough money to get certain items or parents budgeting their financials so that they can take care of bills and the expense of their families. Somewhere in each of our lives we have to understand math. Children as they get older, their minds begin to mold into their experiences and encounters they face. If they do not see how it would help them in the future or impact their lives they do not take it fully serious.

I believe that teachers have to show students the importance of their subject matter. If a teacher is able to effectively teach students how they will use History, Science, English
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There is no one student that learns exactly like the other, so a teacher coursework should have variation in it when they go through it. If teachers are teaching only one way to every class that they teach they really need to evaluate if the students are learning first and then retaining the information learnt. I believe a teacher should teach the material in various ways but also have the students perform what they learned for verification to see if they are grasping the …show more content…
I believe that teachers have to be willing to listen to what the students have to say. Teachers will always face students who don’t understand or grab a topic right away. Teachers have to understand they were once students and if a student ask for assistance or a question they have to be able to explain it in a different way for the student to understand.

The education system is not perfect, but even though this is true. Teachers have to be willing to go the extra mile to help better their students. To have the title Teacher means a person is selfless and has the mindset of a servant. A teacher will have to do things that they don’t always want to do but the reason we choose to teach is because we believe that through teaching we can help better the next generation and their children. If we want society to succeed we are called to step outside of our comfort zone and be the difference that our education system will

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